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Block Week Summer Term 2024

  • When:
  • Where: at the three RMS partner universites of applied sciences 
  • Who: Ruhr Master School

Save the date: this term`s Block Week will take place from 13 to 17 May 2024 and allow you to attend exciting electives in a compact way.


Sign up here until 16 April 2024 (7 April for XR-RMS)!


13 – 17 May 2024
Some modules already start with an e-leaning unit before that.

At the RMS locations Bochum (HS BO), Dortmund (FH DO) and Westfällische Hochschule (WHS).

Because you can compactly and intensively engage in one topic for one week in an interdisciplinary way.
Because it is easier to attend a module from one of the partner universities.
Because you get to know other lecturers and fellow students.
Because you can broaden your horizon.

Please use our registration form to sign up until 16 April 2024.
Some modules have a restricted number of participants. The motto is "first come - first serve"! In case your selected Block Week module takes place at one of the German partner universities, please complete the application form for registration as visiting student.

The following modules are offered during Block Week:

Elective modules in German language



  • Learn procedures to implement data confidentiality, integrity, availability and security controls on networks, servers and applications.
  • Understand security principles and how to develop security policies that comply with cybersecurity laws.
  • Apply skills through practice, using labs and Cisco Packet Tracer ( activities.
  • Get immediate feedback on your work through built-in quizzes and tests.
  • Connect with the global Cisco Networking Academy community.


• Elementares Datenmanagement mit R
• Univariate Deskription
• Bivariate Deskription und Exploration
• Parametrische Verteilungsmodelle
• Gängige parametrische Hypothesentests
• Grundlagen von R Markdown




• Grundlagen der Photonik
• Grundlagen der Licht-Gewebe-Interaktion
• Grundlagen der Modellierung und Simulation am Fallbeispiel Licht-Gewebe-Interaktion
• Anwendungsgebiete in der medizinischen Diagnostik (Pulsoxymetrie, Hyperspektrale
Bildgebung, Laser-Speckle-Imaging)



• Modellierung und Simulation der Licht-Gewebe-Interaktion
• Umgang mit biophotonischen Messdaten (Aufbereitung und Interpretation)
• Anwendung biophotonischer Messverfahren




Elective modules in Englisch language


  • The course Usability Engineering is focusing on the essential methods and tools to evaluate and measure the effectiveness, efficiency and the joy of use with which a user can perform a task with a given system.
  • The reoccurring scheme throughout the course is the User Centered Design Process: students will learn how to observe and specify a context of use, derive requirements from it, create a prototype and evaluate it.
  • For all those parts of the process specific tools and methods will be introduced, for different phases during the software development.
  • Students will learn about the work in the area of usability engineering from a theoretical viewpoint, by studying state-of-the-art research publications, as well as from a practical point of view, by project examples and case studies.
  • These methods and tools will be applied as well as critically evaluated and checked for potential of improvement. 

Module description

Apllication deadline: 7.4.24

Start in presence (lab instruction and headset loan) on 9.4.24, 8:15-10:50 am


• Introduction and differentiation
• Extended Reality (XR) applications
• Tracking
• Aspects of human perception
• XR input and output devices
• Aspects of human-computer Interaction

Module description

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